Sunday, August 21, 2016

Open Letter to MIT Students and ABVP activists on 'Historic Fight Against Injustice


I join my hands in respect for the spirit I witnessed in MIT. Tears roll down my eyes remembering each and every moment of your Indefinite Hunger Strike against atrocities on Dalit MIT Student being denied admission inspite of court orders and attack on ABVP Activist Mohit Gandotra by MIT Director Mangesh Karad. The historic indefinite hunger strike by 9 students and rotational hunger strike by 40 students witnessed support from all corners of society. Continuous sloganeering with songs of protest with dafli echoed at the gate of the campus.

It all started on 17th August, when you staged a 6-hour protest at Erandwana police station demanding action against MIT Director Mangesh Karad. Around 11p.m. when a case was registered, you all were completely exhausted. The first shocker to me came that time when you declared indefinite hunger strike the next day at 10a.m.

With no preparations made and empty stomach, you initiated mass campaign at 8a.m. to garner support for the hunger strike. I saw hand-made posters, markers, flags and dafli, but was curious to find no mattress, no shed, water-cans! Your reply that 'We need slogans, not comfort' made me feel that I have landed myself between people of sheer determination! The hunger-strike began on the streets with no shed even in broad sun-light.

Since morning, I had started getting feeling that something unusual is there among this protesters. To began with, this hunger strike of yours have completely changed my view on hunger strikes. From scenes in movies of few people silently sitting on hunger-strike to actual MIT's visuals of 49 students sloganeering and campaigning since the start with number increasing every hour. During your hunger strike, you campaigned every moment to fight for your demands loud and clear. The doctors advised me to not let you get up for protesting or speak much, leave sloganeering aside. That was the only reason I forced you the same. But forgive me, you proved everyone wrong. Even after 2 days of indefinite hunger-strike with day-night campaigning, your determination to fight until death became an inspiration for me to take unscheduled job leaves for two consecutive days.

Within few hours of hunger-strike, you managed to turn MIT Gate into a vibrant protesting ground with painting roads with slogans, hand-made posters and make-shift shed made from thrown-away posters. I thought you forgot that you had started your hunger-strike on a Rakshabandhan when you should be sitting with your sisters instead of sitting on streets. But you were determined to prove me wrong each time! ABVP activist Mohit who was attacked tied Rakhi to MIT Student Sadhana and both sat on the hunger-strike. Each one of you were forcing the other to quit the indefinite hunger-strike but you himself were reluctant to eat. The song 'Anshan par baithe hai bole khana hai nahi khana' became your anthem. You were such determined that even the repeated warning from police to vacate the place didn't shook off your spirit. In the evening, various social workers visited MIT and supported your fight against injustice. The support you got from local residents and shopkeepers unknown to you is a proof of your genuinity towards your goals. The power-source of your firmness was surely the photo-frame of 'Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar' symbolising Sadhana's fight for 'Right To Education' that you had put up in front.

With the day ending, most of your faces showed signs of tiredness. I decided to be of your help as much as I can. As part of that, I tried to assure that all you sleep early. But you had decided that I would be met with shockers every hour. Whole night went with Bheem Geet and Lok Geet of Shahir Annabhau Sathe. I couldn't believe that three girls amongst you were sleeping on the streets empty stomach. I was angry on what is being done with you as you spent the whole night on streets with no blankets and empty stomachs, but your reply that you have choosen this path willingly and are ready to face any hardships made me feel that my search for my life's idols is reaching it's destination.

The morning of the second day was quiet which made me feel that the intensity has started its downward turn. I was again and again proved wrong. At 7a.m. in the morning, when students were having their breakfast, you were clapping your hands with the sound of dafli and songs of protest. As the time went by, support from the MIT Student Community grew manifolds. Not only they stood for support, but even campaigned to reach out to every student. This huge support made the police officers changed their mind about the 9a.m. deadline set by them for you to vacate the place. But the growing support activated the dirty-tricks department of MIT administration. Starting from complete black-out of media for the whole second day to threating students who would stand with the protesting students. Such for their level that they even clashed with an ABVP activist who went inside the campus to fetch water for the students on hunger strike. They started creating pressure from politicians and admission-brokers who had shared vested interests with them.

I know you were deeply hurt by this cheap tricks, but your spirit got stronger. You performed aarti of Sant Dnyaneshwar and prayed to expose everyone who was using the Saint's name to hide the Mafia behind them. Every time they tried their tricks, they were hit back with your enthusiasm. They tried manipulating the MIT Student Council to protest against you, but your past convinced the students to sit along with you instead of protesting against you. When they failed to pitch MIT Students Council against you, they forced all faculties for sloganeering in support of Mangesh Karad. To their dismay, their 5-min sloganeering was responded by hour-long sloganeering from your side. Witnessing this, I learned the difference between paid workers and activists. Unfortunately, your continuous stressful campaign with empty stomach made your health condition worst. Around afternoon, the environment became tensed with ambulance being rushed at the spot. A chill went down my entire body imagining the visuals of the coming days.

As this news got viral, hundreds of students symbolising #OccupyMIT campaign started arriving in the campus. The whole campus echoed slogans against the unjust MIT administration. 'Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Humara Dil Main Hai. Dekhna Hai Jor Kitna Baju-e-Katil Main Hai' went on for hours. Shivers went inside the walls of MIT administration, and hurriedly they requested ABVP for discussion. Being a firm believer in working for solution, a 10-member delegation walked inside the campus. When the delegation reached the security check-post, they denied entry to ABVP Maharashtra State Secretary Ram Satpute. ABVP delegation immediately walked out of the security-post and joined the vibrant protest. Every Mafia fears a common man who can expose them any day. Same was the case with MIT administration. After repeated requests and apology, ABVP delegation met MIT Founder V.D. Karad. After an hour of brain-storming discussion, all demands of ABVP were accepted by MIT administration. Karad Sir himself came at the MIT Gate requesting students to call-off the indefinite hunger-strike. As clock struck 12, MIT Campus broked out with celebration slogans 'JEET GAYA RE... JEET GAYA RE... HAMARA SANGARSH JEET GAYA.' Empty stomachs, dry throats with tears in their eyes were witnessing the power of student movement.'

How can I thank you is a big question mark ahead of me. This memories would help me in my entire life to not accept defeat against injustice. History will remember that an attack on a student activist from a campus director lead to the later being stripped off his powers. I congratulate all you and wish you all the best! I am proud to have people like you around me!

Long Live Student Movement!

- Bharatiya Anand,
A Witness to Making of History

Sunday, April 10, 2016

स्वतंत्रता संघर्ष

स्वतंत्रता संघर्ष इस कविता में एक देशभक्त नवयुवक ने भारत के आज़ादी के वक्त अपनी भावनाए व्यक्त की हैं|

"स्वतंत्रता संघर्ष"
कौन कहता हैं सब समाप्त हो गया,
अभी तो एक शुरुआत हैं |
२५० सालों के संघर्ष के बाद,
पूर्व में नया सूरज उग रहा है |

अंग्रेजों के उस विश्वास को,
हमें पूरी तरह तोड़ना हैं |
और संपूर्ण भारत को,
एक माला में जोड़ना हैं |

मुसीबते तो बहुत आएँगी आगे,
संघर्ष करते चलना हैं |
अपनी अबंधित तरक्की से,
पूरी दुनिया को हिलाना हैं |

तरक्की की राह में,
एक बात हमें भूलनी नहीं |
परायों से जाने के बाद,
अपनोंसे परायों जैसे व्यवहार करना नहीं |

अब कोई गरीब नहीं रहेगा,
अब कोई भूक से नहीं मरेगा |
आज़ाद भारत की इस भूमि पर,
हर भारतीय घर संपन्न रहेगा |
- भारतीय आनंद

क्रांति फिर आएगी (Kranti Fir Aayengi)

हवा में उड़कर,
लहरों पर तेरकर,
आग में जलकर,
क्रांति फिर आएगी|

डंके के चोट पर,
सरकार के नोक पर,
करोड़ों के हाथों से,
क्रांति फिर आएगी ।

लोगों की फुंकर से,
लहराती हुई तलवार से,
शहीदों के ललकार से,
क्रांति फिर आएगी ।

लाखों सो रहे थे,
देश की हालत पर रो रहे थे,
सबकी नींद खुल जाएँगी,
क्रांति फिर आएगी |

चाहे तुम साथ हो,
या हमारे खिलाफ हो,
मेरे देशी के लिए,
क्रांति फिर आएगी |

वो दिन दूर नहीं ,
जब भारतमाता अपने सपोतों
को एक पायेगी,
इस पावन वर्ष  में,
क्रांति जरूर आएगी।
- Anand Purohit, 2011

होय ABVP आंबेडकरवादीच!

'सुरुवातीपासून शेवटपर्यंत मी भारतीयच' या भीमाच्या वचनावर चालणारी संघटना!
होय ABVP आंबेडकरवादीच!

1952 च्या निवडणुकीत 'मत बाद करा पण भीमाला मत देऊ नका' असं म्हणाऱ्या डाव्यांना उघडे पाडणारी संघटना!
होय ABVP आंबेडकरवादीच!

भीमाने लिहिलेल्या संविधानला न मानणाऱ्या नक्षलवाद्यांना शिंगावर घेणारी संघटना!
होय ABVP आंबेडकरवादीच!

1975 मध्ये भीमाने दिलेल्या अधिकारांवर आली गदा तेव्हा देशभर चळवळ उभी करणारी संघटना!
होय ABVP आंबेडकरवादीच!

मराठवाड़ा विद्यापीठाचे नामांतर व्हावे यासाठी विधानसभेत घुसून आंदोलन करणारी, महाराष्ट्रभर रान पेटवणारी संघटना!
होय ABVP आंबेडकरवादीच!

संविधानने स्थापन केलेल्या न्यायालयाला व गुन्हेगारांना दिलेल्या फाशीच्या शिक्षेला न मानणाऱ्या डाव्यांच्या विरोधात उभी ठाकणारी संघटना!
होय ABVP आंबेडकरवादीच!

संसदेवर हल्ला करणाऱ्या अफजलच्या समर्थकांविरुद्ध JNU मध्ये लढणारी संघटना!
होय ABVP आंबेडकरवादीच!

ना मनुस्मृती ना त्याची वृत्ती
फ़क्त भीमाने लिहिलेली भीमस्मृति म्हणजेच आपले संविधान मानणारी संघटना!
होय ABVP आंबेडकरवादीच!

जातीमुक्तिचे भीमाचे स्वप्न जात न विचारणारे न मानणारे संघटन निर्माण करुन पूर्ण करणारी संघटना!
होय ABVP आंबेडकरवादीच!

शेवटच्या माणसाला न्याय व सन्मान असे भीमाचे स्वप्न दिवस रात्र एक करुन साकारणारी संघटना!
होय ABVP आंबेडकरवादीच!

तुमचं आमचं नात काय जय भीम - जय शिवराय असे म्हणत सर्वांना एका प्रेमाच्या धाग्याने बांधून ठेवणारी संघटना!
होय ABVP आंबेडकरवादीच!

संविधानाच्या शिल्पकाराचा त्रिवार जयजयकार!

जय भीम!

अब कोई नहीं बिस्मिल यहाँ

गोलियोंके गुंज में भी,
सुनते थे हम कहानियाँ।
चलते निकले पश्चिमकी ओर,
उत्तरकी तरफ करदी रवानिया।

वा रे कवियोंकी कल्पनामें,
जाकर तू कब फँस गया।
क्यों तू बिस्मिल के शोकमें,
जब प्रेम गीतोमें समा सज गया।

आज पूछें वो आझाद हमसे,
रामप्रसाद कहाँ खो गया।
खून जो मिट्टीमें मिला था,
आज की नसलोमें क्यों सो गया।

साथी हमसे तुम खफा होते,
देशसे क्यों तू रूठ गया।
खून के आँसू बहाते फिरसे,
बिस्मिल कब्रमें जाकर सो गया।

सोचूँ अलविदा का ख़त लिखकर,
मैं भी छोड़दूँ ये जहाँ,
क्योंकि दिन के अँधेरे मैं ढूँढू,
फिरभी अब कोई नहीं बिस्मिल यहाँ।
- भारतीय आनंद

Thursday, March 17, 2016

देश या परिवार ?

ये कविता उस राष्ट्रवादी युवा के मन की दुविधा को व्यतीत करती है, जो अपने घर की जिम्मेदारी और देश के संकटों में अपनी कर्तृत्व के बीच में असमंजस में आ गया है | 

राष्ट्र-निर्माण के इस यज्ञ में,
समय आहुति के लिए पुकारता ।
पुकार अनसुनी करके वो शक्स,
अपने परिवार के सपने साकारता ।

देश संकटों में घिरा हुआ,
रक्त की नदियाँ मांगता रहा ।
अपनी बहन के विवाह संबंध में,
वो खून-पसीना एक करता रहा ।

क्रांतिवीरों की महफ़िल सजी,
देश की हालात पर हाहा-कर मची ।
विवाह के दिन बहन की डोली सजी,
विदाई के समय शहनाई बजी ।

शहीदों के अस्थि-कलश जमा हुए,
उनके रख से माथे सजे ।
उस आंखों से आसू बह गया,
जब दुल्हन की मांग में सिंदूर भरा गया ।

आखरी संग्राम का शंक्नाद हुआ,
उस शख्स को जोड़ने की आवाज लगादी ।
अपने परिवार के लिए उसने मांगी दुवा,
देश-द्रोहियों को काटने तलवार उठाली ।

देश के लिए बलिदान दिया,
अमर-गाथा ने याद किया ।
‘वन्दे भूमि’ में मिल गया,
परिवार नहीं, देश के लिए मर गया ।
- आनंद पुरोहित

Friday, March 11, 2016

Tackling the majoritarian syndrome in cadre-based organization

An organization is governed by an unwritten set of principles that hold its sanctity and direction. These principles are protected not by rule but by the moral conscience of the majority cadre working in the organization. The majoritarian moral conscience assures that principles can be enacted in practice, but if the same opposes it, then no authority can guarantee them in the real sense of the word 'principle.'

The defying majority's goals replace the original path set as per the principles. The principles however righteous it may be, can never operate against a majority who are determined to defy it supported by an inaction of the authorities.

The silent minority allows the corrupt majority to legislate new rules towards their vested interests. Infact unable to adjust itself to changed and new condition, it falls back as an old man falls back into his arm-chair.

In a bid to challenge the authority, the majority manufactures it's own 'great men' that can take on the revolting minority that could stand loyal to the stated principles. This great men introduce idolatary which brings in blind worshipism and keeps criticism at par. They assure that their disciples never become wiser than their master for them to lead unquestionably.

The authority gets carried away by the perception play and overlooks the continuous decay tuning into songs of the glorification of the 'great men.' The original great men experience stagnation and come to a time when it sees no vision. They can't portray their worth as their worth is of the kind that they cannot speak of, or they are not conscious about it. Being frustrated by splendid isolation, they cannot help themselves much than to live as an outcaste in their own organization. Who will worship a scavenger even if he is motivated selflessly by the dynamics of a special purpose?

The chaos can only be challenged by a person with indisputable integrity with a high standard of moral righteousness, sincere convictions, and of public spirit, in courage, uprightness, and a certain soundness and rational moderation of judgment which springs quite as much from character as from intellect. On top of it, the patience to see dreams of others fulfilled in storms of unrest defines him. He must be cautious in his approach against the fugitive majority. The divinity in his goals must not provoke him to set up his ideal which is purely imaginary. He could even be victim of the same impersonal approach that he stands for.

Mazzini once said,"You may kill men, but you cannot kill a great idea." But how can an idea propagate without a medium?

The medium to propagate is to create cadre in the organization who would know the principles which once the organization stood for, and if they are convinced of their value and their worth, then to spread them. And like a scavenger, they must be ready to face all hardships, discredit, outcaste and tests of righteousness again and again to restore the principles on whose faith the organization can work to it's utility!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Together We Fought - Together We Won

9th February 2016 - A day that has registered itself in the golden pages of student movement. When 3,000 students boycotted classes to support ABVP's protest against draconian late fees charged by Raisoni Campus. 900 students eventually became part of the protest which was the highest number the campus porch could accommodate. The protest lasted from 11a.m. to 3p.m. with the whole four hours went with the campus echoing students slogans with burning sun and no food at all. 30 ABVP student activists from the campus and the city unit addressed the determined student protesters. The movement which started in mid-December was in it's ultimate day. It saw dozens of ABVP college campus meetings, technical research, outdoor campaigning, social media campaign, signature campaign of 1,010 students, 31 classroom meetings, 2 mega public meetings. After memorandum on 5th January, brainstorming discuss with administration on 12th January and final memorandum calling for protest on 2nd February, the movement took 'No Memorandum, No Discussion, Only and Only Decision' on the D-Day. A mass movement supported by ABVP Raisoni Campus Unit's 55 member committee which could win the trust of the last standing student in support of the protest. The victory verdict to completely stop late fees is a victory of the movement which encourages to 'Raise Voice Against Injustice'. I hope this would be a stepping stone to raise similiar movements of ABVP against the commercialization of education. I congratulate each and every student of Raisoni Campus and thank ABVP for keeping the flame burning in us!

Students' Power - Nation's Power!